Let's get organized – Join our community meetings

We have started a new initiative: a community involvement program. Join one of our meetings to learn more and get involved with social media management and other marketing related activities.

March Meeting Schedule :spiral_calendar:

  • March 11th 18:00 UTC
  • March 18th 18:00 UTC
  • March 25th 18:00 UTC

Meetings take place on ‘Roundtable Voice’ channel in Komodo Discord.

Benefits of working on an open-source project

You get a chance to work and collaborate in a global environment with passionate people. Come and make connections with a diverse set of people outside your usual circle of friends or co-workers. On top of that, you get a chance to be involved with the growing blockchain space.

  • Learn, build a new skill set, get more experience.
  • Network, meet new people, and expose your self to different ideas
  • Be part of a community and pass your skills to others
  • Work with a diverse group of people with varying backgrounds
  • Have fun - do the type of work you love to do
  • Enjoy freedom & flexibility - come up with solutions and experiment with new things

Instead of a closed internship program, we have decided to try to do things 100% openly – everyone is welcome to join.

Talk to you on Komodo Discord!

:phone: Schedule a call with us

Our first meeting was a big success! The result was nine sign-ups. We already completed the first five calls yesterday, and those went well.

If you haven’t scheduled a call yet, you can do it here: Calendly - Audo Kowitz

If you missed the meeting and are not sure what this is all about, join one of our upcoming discussions on Thursdays. We will explain everything and answer questions.

We are one step closer to our community vision :clinking_glasses: