Looking for Komodo Bold Facts

We are looking for the biggest, boldest facts about Komodo! Anyone can contribute with as few or as many facts as you wish. Topics can be related to the tech, team, marketing, partnerships, history, future vision, or anything else. Komodo will then use this info in one of our upcoming social media campaigns.


  1. There is no minimum or maximum length for the number of facts you list OR the number of characters/words in your statement

  2. You can type directly in the Typeform field below or include a link to a Google Doc or Google Sheet with your facts.

  3. If possible, include links to your sources so we can easily verify the facts.
    Example 1: Komodo’s dPoW protects over 30 production blockchains and over $1 billion in crypto assets. Source: https://komodostats.com/
    Example 2: AtomicDEX has the most atomic swaps completed of any protocol with over 350,000. Source: https://dexstats.info/

  4. You can respond in English or any other language.

  5. Make sure to complete Step 2, which is to add your AtomicDEX KMD address and submit the form. You will see a screen with :+1: when you have successfully submitted the form.