Moving CHIPS to a new address

Moving your CHIPS

  1. Download Verus Agama Release PBaaS Cross-chain Technology Preview May 29 2019 · VerusCoin/Agama · GitHub

  2. Login with old seed or private key and activate CHIPS 3.

    In Verus Agama go to Settings > Export Keys > enter old seed > Get Private Keys

    You will see your address and WIF key → backup that WIF key (it begins with U)

  3. Logout of the old seed

  4. Create new, safe wallet/seed in Verus Agama and activate CHIPS → backup seed and WIF → copy public address - begins with R

  5. Download Decker’s ChipsQT wallet Release v0.14.99_decker_2 · DeckerSU/chips3 · GitHub

  6. Import old WIF key (from step 3) in ChipsQT - wait for chain to sync. Should be same process as at How to import private keys into Komodo Ocean Wallet

  7. Send to safe address