Recovering from excessive UTXOs

Sometimes after a long period of mining, you might find you are unable to view or withdraw your funds. This is often due to the address having too many small utxos which have not been consolidated, resulting in RPC timeouts.

The AtomicDEX API has a “utxo_merge” feature which is turned off by default in the desktop wallet, but can be activated for specific UTXO coins by editing your wallet’s coins.json file.

To find this file, look in the path below for your operating system

Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\atomic_qt\config
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/AtomicDEX Desktop/config
Linux: ~/.atomic_qt/config

It will be named something like 0.5.7-coins.USERNAME.json (substitute 0.5.7 for your installed version of the app).

Open this file. The JSON will be minified, so you can use a linter like to copy the file contents, beautify it with indents and paste it back. Next, find the coin you need to merge UTXOs for, and add the following line "utxo_merge": true. The full entry for the coin should look something like this:

	"THC": {
		"active": false,
		"asset": "THC",
		"coin": "THC",
		"coingecko_id": "hempcoin-thc",
		"coinpaprika_id": "thc-hempcoin",
		"currently_enabled": false,
		"electrum": [{
			"contact": [{
				"discord": "CHMEX#0686"
			"url": ""
		"explorer_address_url": "",
		"explorer_tx_url": "",
		"explorer_url": "",
		"is_testnet": false,
		"name": "HempCoin",
		"nomics_id": "THC",
		"sign_message_prefix": "Komodo Signed Message:\n",
		"supported": [],
		"type": "Smart Chain",
		"wallet_only": false,
                "utxo_merge": true

If you need help, please ask in the KomodoPlatform discord support channels.