Send commands to an mm2 instance being run by AtomicDEX Desktop using Postman

Why Postman: Postman allows easy sending of RPC requests to an AtomicDEX-API instance launched by the AtomicDEX Desktop application through a friendly GUI

Prerequisites: Download and install the latest versions of AtomicDEX Desktop and Postman on your computer

On AtomicDEX Desktop:

  1. Start the application and login to your wallet

  2. Click the settings button on the bottom left part of the application

  3. Under the Security section, click Show on the line that says View seed and private keys

  4. Input your password and click View in the dialog box that pops out

  5. Click the copy button beside RPC Password to copy it. This RPC Password is also referred to as userpass. It is reset every time the AtomicDEX Desktop application is restarted

  6. Save the userpass value to a text file for later usage and leave the AtomicDEX Desktop application running

On Postman:

  1. Launch the application. If it is your first time launching it, you will see a screen similar to the following. Click the Skip and go to the app link to skip account creation/login

  2. Click the “Eye icon” in the top right part of the screen to create a new Environment

3)In the popout dialog menu, Click the Add button in the Environment section

  1. In the new tab that opens, change the Environment’s name to AtomicDEX and add variables as shown in the next step

  2. Add a variable with the name userpass and for its value, paste the RPC password value copied and saved from AtomicDEX Desktop. Then, add another variable with the name url and set its value as localhost:7783 and save as shown in the picture below

  3. Change environment to AtomicDEX by clicking on the dropdown that says No Environment beside the eye icon and selecting AtomicDEX

  4. Click New to start creating a new RPC request

  5. In the popout menu, select HTTP Request

  6. Select Post as the request type

  7. Input {{url}} in the input bar beside POST

  8. Next select BodyrawJSON as shown in the picture below

  9. In the text area available, you can input the data part of any of the RPC requests from the docs. Example: version | Komodo Documentation

The RPC call looks like:

curl --url "" --data "{

the --data part is:


remove the quotes outside the brackets, replace escaped quotes: \" with regular quotes: " and $userpass with {{userpass}}

you will get:


input it in the text area and click the Send button to receive output from the AtomicDEX-API instance launched by the AtomicDEX Desktop application

The same method can be used to execute any other RPC command from the docs at Note About Rational Number Type | Komodo Documentation

Note: Everytime the AtomicDEX Desktop application is restarted, the RPC password/userpass is also reset. So copy it and update the value of the userpass variable in the environment named AtomicDEX in Postman