Starting the KomodoOceanQT wallet with command line parameters in Windows

There are situations in which, the KomodoOceanQT wallet needs to be started with parameters such as “-reindex” , “-rescan” etc.,

For example, to start the QT wallet with the “-reindex” parameter,

First create a shortcut to the wallet.

Then Right-Click on the shortcut and select “Properties”

Select the “Shortcut” tab and edit the “Target” field

Copy the text present in the field and add quotation marks around it.

Example: If the text was


make it


Then add the required comamnd line parameter at the end:

(If you need to Reindex the wallet, add the parameter -reindex at the end of the target field)

"C:\Users\everl\Downloads\komodo-qt-win\komodo-qt-win.exe" -reindex

After that, click “Apply” then “OK”

You can now use the shortcut to launch the QT-wallet with the specified parameter.

You might want to remove the parameter from the shortcut after the usage is over.