Activating Coins in AtomicDEX Desktop

After creating and logging in to your wallet, AtomicDEX Desktop will launch with BTC, LTC and KMD enabled by default. To activate additional coins, click on the “Add Assets” button on either the Portfolio or Wallet pages.

You can use the search bar at the top to filter the list below. Make your selection by clicking on rows in the list. By default there is an activation limit of 50 coins, but you can increase this in settings if more are needed.

Once your selection is complete, click the “Enable” button to continue. Your selected coins will be added to the wallet.

As you can see above, even though BNB was not selected, it was activated alongside the SmartFi BEP20 token. Anytime you activate a protocol token, its parent coin will also be activated. For example if activating MINDS token, it will automatically also enable Ethereum.