How to Do a SWAP on Simple View in AtomicDEX Mobile

  1. Log in to your wallet and go to the “Portfolio” page.
  1. Open DEX tab, Simple trading view

  1. Select the coin you sell by tapping on it in the left column

  1. Enter an amount you want to sell. You will see the best pairs for your chosen sell coin in the buy column on the right.

  1. Select coin you want to buy from the column on the right. The amount you will receive of this coin will be displayed.

  1. Tap the “NEXT” button if you would like to proceed with this order. A trade confirmation screen will appear where you an review the details of your exchange. To start the swap, tap the “START SWAP!” button.

  1. Wait for the swap to finish. Depending on the pair, this could take up to 60 minutes, so please do not close the application.

  1. After the swap finished, you can view the list of completed orders at DEX → ORDERS → HISTORY.

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