How to Withdraw/Send Funds in AtomicDEX Web

  1. In a new browser tab, open AtomicDEX Web and CREATE or IMPORT your wallet

  2. Open the “wallet” tab.

  3. Select any assets from your list, which you want to receive. You can activate more assets.

  4. Click the “Send” button

  5. Enter the destination address and amount, then tap on the “Send” button.

    Optionally, you can set a custom fee for your withdrawal by toggling the “custom fee” option.

  6. After tapping “Send”, you will be shown the prepared transaction details for confirmation. If you are satisfied with the details, tap the “Confirm” button to send the funds.

  7. Transaction completed! On this page, you can see the transaction hash and check more transaction details by clicking the “View On Explorer” button